Laughter Yoga

This  1 hour innovative group workshop gives you an opportunity for fun and laughter. A combination of gentle exercises, Yogic breathing and raucous laughter is based on scientific research.  The body can't tell the difference between real laughter and pretend laughter - so you get the benefit even if you laugh for no reason! There's no better way to feel great than a really good belly laugh!


Facilitated by Linda Innes, Life Coach, NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner.

Dates by arrangement, contact The Centre for bookings.


Next one-off session TBA - feel free to forward this to friends and family. Spaces limited so please contact me or the WellBeing Centre.

Laugh for no reason! Gentle breathing exercises, raucous belly laughs or simpering titters - they all do you the world of good! Special one-off session - two hours of serotonin-inducing feel-goodness for £10! All welcome. Booking essential. Contact The Centre 01287 204400 or ring Linda Innes for further details on 07528 986476


Past reviews:

'If you want a real good laugh this is the place for you! Therapy at its best. Thoroughly enjoyed it - Treat a friend - it's the best gift you can give them' - Janet Wright

'Absolutely fabulous & so relaxing. Had such a good time would recommend to anyone.' - Ann Pigott

'Great fun - definitely recommend it & will come back with friends. Fabulous meditation. Would like to come again for that too! Thanks Linda, x' - Ruth Brown

'Wasn't sure what to expect but had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Would recommend it to anyone for an uplifting experience.' - Pam


Facilitated by Lifecoach & NLP coach/trainer Linda Innes. Linda used to be a stand-up comedian, but now she sits down a lot!

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra or Conscious Deep Sleep


‘In yoga nidra you leave the waking state, go through the dreaming state, yet remain fully awake.’  Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati


Facilitator: Cath Hanlon  Cost: £8 per individual class or £39 for block of six classes

Thursday mornings 10-11.15am


The practise of yoga nidra can induce incredible calmness, quietness and clarity. It is a state of deep conscious sleep - during which you may discover almost complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.


You are gently guided to relax every part of your body and induce a state of deep relaxation, similar to the slow, calm and tranquil state experienced prior to sleep.  Breathing and thinking gradually slow allowing you to reach a state of peace and deep repose.


During a yoga nidra class you will be asked to wear comfortable clothes, lie on a yoga mat, wrapped in warm blankets, and follow the spoken instructions of your yoga teacher.


The practise of yoga nidra involves a series of specific stages which guide the participant into a state of deep relaxation. The stages are:


  • Preliminary relaxation of the body
  • Rotation of body awareness throughout the whole body
  • Conscious breathing
  • Feeling and sensations to bring relaxation at an emotional level
  • Mental relaxation through visualisation
  • A return to full awareness


The Benefits of yoga nidra:

  • Encourages stress release
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety and tension
  • Promotes mental and physical wellbeing
  • Can help to lower blood pressure


One hour of Yoga Nidra can be as restful as four hours good sleep.

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