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Here`s what people are saying about the Saltburn WellBeing Centre (CIC)


Recovery Group;

"For me, it is invaluable to have a 'safe' meeting, in a convenient and anonymous place, where the focus is on well-being (not merely recovery), mutual support, and outside the conventional treatment services."


"I find it very therapeutic even on a bad day when not feeling good, I will make the effort to come to the group. It makes me feel that I am not alone with my problems and my mental health."


"It has helped me through some of my darkest days and given me emotional support. There is nowhere else locally that gives this support."


"The group helps me to focus my mind on better things than my problems and certainly better things than drink and drugs"


 "There are days when I've been in a dark place and come out of here feeling like a weight has been lifted."


"Personally, the group helps me to gain insight into myself and grow in all areas - not just stay abstinent; I enjoy the support and freindship of other members, and as I get stronger being able to give back in return."


Yoga Nidra;

          "Uplifting - Energising - Cleansing."


"I feel relaxed, calm and energised."


          "A feeling of peace and energising to get me through the week."


"A very enjoyable experience."




''This Centre saved my life'


''I will always be grateful for the help I got when I'd lost all hope and didn't know where to turn'


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