Bridging the Gap & Crisis Prevention

Here at the WellBeing Centre we regularly find people accessing help because they just don't know where to go or what to do. We approached the Lottery to request their support to fund this service as the need was evident, but prior to this we were not funded for this work previously.


This short term project will help us provide evidence of need and assist those most vulnerable and in urgent need of help, who may be experiecing financial hardshop and unable to access timely service interventions.


If you or someone you know finds themselves slipping through the net of health and well being services then get in touch for an appointment and we will liaise and do all we can to help you access the services that are right for you. Get in touch for more information by email: or to make an appointment by calling 01287 20 44 00 during normal office hours or aternatively send an text message to 07855 99 04 91.


WellBeing Recovery Group

Our Well-Being Recovery Group has re-started and meets every Tuesday morning 10am till noon.


The WellBeing Recovery group is for people who are in recovery from Alcohol/Drug addiction. The group focuses on WellBeing. This group creates a safe space for people to explore any challenges and learn from each other. It explores ways of moving on from a life of addiction back into living a life with new ways of coping with difficulties. 


If you think you or someone close to you could benefit from this group please get in touch.

Call (01287) 20 44 00 or alternatively email us:

Stress Management Clinic


Saltburn Well-Being Centre - Stress Management Course & Workshop


We will be re-opening our Stress Management Clinic in Summer of 2023.


Our Stress Management Courses run for 6 weeks. Please contact us to register your interest by emailing

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