Bridging the Gap & Crisis Prevention

Here at the WellBeing Centre we regularly find people accessing help because they just don't know where to go or what to do. We approached the Lottery to request their support to fund this service as the need was evident but we were not funded for this work previously. This short term project will help us provide evidence of need.


If you or someone you know finds themselves slipping through the net of health and well being services then get in touch for an appointment and we will liaise and do all we can to help you access the services that are right for you. Get in touch for more information or to make an appointment on 01287 204400

WellBeing Recovery Group


The WellBeing Recovery group is for people who are in recovery from Alcohol/Drug addiction. The group focuses on WellBeing. This group creates a safe space for people to explore any challenges and learn from each other. It explores ways of moving on from a life of addiction back into living a life with new ways of coping with difficulties. 


If you think that you or someone close to you could benefit from this group then please get in touch.

Stress Management Clinic

Stress Management Course


We have a Stress Management Course starting on various dates and runs for 6 weeks.


Please contact us for more details or to book a place.


At present we are in the process of seeking funding to re-establish these excellent courses.

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