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Our big thanks goes to the trustees of the Veterans’ Foundation for their help with our on-going work with supporting Veterans' something which we're very proud of and have been doing since opening our doors back in 2007. The Veterans' Foundation have generously awarded us grants in 2017 and 2021, enabling us to continue to help Veterans' avoid crisis situations by providing them with quick, immediate access to specialist service interventions with experienced in-house therapists and practitioners at our Well-being Centre (Saltburn by-the Sea).


For more information about The Veterans' Foundation, the wonderful work they do and how we can help them, follow the link below:



Our Veterans' Counselling Service:

  • Provides immediate access to innovative person-centred wellbeing services (counselling, resilience coaching, therapies, social groups, skills and training) to Veterans' slipping through the net of mainstream services and unable to access the help and support they urgently need.
  • Promotes self-care as a necessity.
  • Brings people together to prevent social isolation and reduce anxiety.
  • Helps Veterans' to make their voices heard.
  • Leads by example and helps shape, inform and share learning across multi-agencies and discipllines to demonstrate where and how services can be improved.
  • Will instigate partnership work with other organisations to support Veterans' falling through the gaps of traditional mainstream services.


This service can help any Veteran experiencing problems such:

  • Alcohol and drug problems
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Loneliness
  • Unemployment
  • Bereavement issues
  • Long term health conditions


We place each Veteran with most appropriate and qualified person suited to meet their needs and priorities.


 Help can be accessed quickly and confidentially by calling (01287) 20 44 00 or use the form on our contact page

Alternatively call / text (07855) 99 04 91  or email us direct on 









We also provide services, groups and workshops that enable people to learn the skills needed to build resilience, to helpmanage and maintain their own well-being. Activities take place at our Well-being Centre in Saltburn by-the Sea. We continually highlight opportunities for health and wellbeing activities available in the local community and encourage people to widen their support and social circle.



Veterans Counselling Service

at: Riverside Hardwick House


In Association with Riverside Care and Support

& Church Housing Trust



What is it?

A counselling service delivered in partnership with Saltburn WellBeing Centre in a confidential and safe environment,  Counselling take place at Hardwick House, Riverside's supported housing project for Veterans located in Middlesbrough.


Who is it for?

For Military veterans residing at Hardwick House Teesside who are struggling and need support.


How does it work?

This service helps in-house residents to identify the help they may need and the opportunities available to them, including immediate access to an in-depth assessment and follow up sessions with an experienced and qualified counsellor to establish needs.


Signposting is provided via our Bridging the Gap Service.


 Residents of Riverside (Hardwick House Teesside) may access this service directly through their concierge

or by calling (01287) 20 44 00 or by filling in our form on the Contact Page.

Alternatively your welcome to call / text (07855) 99 04 91 or email us direct on:












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