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Veterans Counselling Service



In partnership with Riverside Care and Support and the Church Housing Trust


What is it?

A counselling service delivered in partnership with Saltburn WellBeing Centre in a confidential and safe environment,  Counselling take place at Hardwick House, Riverside's supported housing project for Veterans located in Middlesbrough.


Who is it for?

For Military veterans residing at Hardwick House who are struggling and need support.


How does it work?

The service will give partners an opportunity to identify the help they may need and the opportunities available to them, including counselling. We are currently awaiting news on funding bids that have been applied for to allow us to continue with this valuable service within the community. Free assessments are available to establish needs and signposting through our Bridging the Gap service.


 To access the service please phone 01287 204400 or 07855 990491

or use the form on our contact page

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