Spiritual Matters

The WellBeing Centre treats people holistically and believes that good health is dependent on the balance of mind, body and spirit. Of course people place different emphasis on the different aspects of life and some do not consider the more spiritual side to life. If you do then this is the section for you.


Most people have had an experience in their lives that has challenged their beliefs at some time, whether it be a strange coincidence, thinking of someone and then bumping into them or even a near death experience. People often seem to keep experiences to themselves in fear of being seen as imbalanced. Here at The WellBeing Centre we love to hear people's experiences as many of us have had spiritual experiences ourselves.

Past Life Regression Therapy & Healing

Past Life Regression Therapy is beneficial in so many ways. It can help you to understand yourself more, for instance, certain behaviours, fears, phobias, physical or emotional problems may actually have originated from a past life. In fact, your character today represents a culmination of all the experiences that you have had over numerous lifetimes. 


Memories of deep emotional traumas from past lives are held within your soul and may travel with you from life to life until you are able to balance the laws of karma, by learning the important lessons from your experiences.  


Past Life Regression Therapy can therefore help to release emotional blocks and bring about understanding of ways in which you can create beneficial change for yourself.


This Past Life Regression Therapy is offered as a complete package of care, which may also include a healing and/or spiritual coaching.

Costs £60-£75  Sessions last 90 mins - 2 hrs

Spiritual Mentoring

Many people come to The WellBeing Centre in search of spiritual answers or support. Often they have had an experience that they do not understand or suddenly feel confused by how they no longer feel content with what used to make them happy, such as their job or a new car. 


Here at The WellBeing Centre we support people in finding their own answers and what feels right for them. There are people from many different belief systems all under one roof. 


Spiritual Mentoring

This is a one to one service that provides you with a safe place to explore your thoughts and ideas without judgement and help you to find the right kind of support and development opportunities for you.


Spiritual mentoring appointments are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays & some Saturday mornings. Facilitated by Kathryn, a qualified counsellor, who has herself experienced an incredible spiritual awakening, resulting in The WellBeing Centre. 


Sessions £30  Sessions last one hour

Concessions available

Channelling and Clairvoyance Events

Debbie Ann, Medium & Healer


Meditation and Spiritual / Psychic development groups, and workshops coming soon with Debbie Ann. Debbie Ann is a gifted Medium and healer whose story recently featured in 'Take a Break Fate and Fortune' magazine. For more information then please get in touch on 01287 204400

Card Reading Appointments

Card readings are available as & when required. Each medium also usually sets in advance a Saturday or evening for readings for those who cannot attend during the working week. Ask for details.

Price: £35 per Appointment


Are you seeking clarity or insight to help unravel any difficulties or problems in your life? Would you like guidance in your current circumstances or decision- making?


We offer the skills of a number of gifted and sensitive readers who use a variety of cards including Angel cards, Oracle Cards, Tarot cards and other tools, plus their psychic and mediumship abilities.


Readings are given by:

  • Debbie Ann is available on Wednesdays and other dates by appointment; she has recently featured in 'Take a Break Fate and Fortune' magazine

Also available are group sessions where friends/family can come together and have consecutive readings and socialise together while they wait.


For further information or to book a reading, please contact The WellBeing Centre.


Please note by Law we must state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only


Reiki Attunements


Anyone can be initiated to Reiki. The attunement process enables the recipient to permanently open and connect to the Universal Reiki Energy on a mental, pysical, emotional and psychic level. It is also believed to clear and balance many important energy channels within the body.  Reiki attunments are often described as a life changing process. The purpose of each attunement received is to open up to higher levels of healing and understanding of Universal Spirituality. 


No special background or knowledge is required to learn Reiki. Attunements are given by a Reiki Master and there are three formal levels of initiation.


Reiki Level 1


The student is permanently attuned and connected to the Reiki source of healing energy during this level. Once initiated it allows a person to performing healing on oneself and friends & family.


The First Degree is the foundation for all three degrees, and should be mastered first before the person is considered for the next level.


Reiki Level 1 Attunements - Cost £85

Facilitated by Julie Coates, (Usui Reiki Master)

  • are available most Thursdays
  • every 2nd Saturday of the month - 10.30am to 3.00pm

Deposits of £20 taken on booking and full payment to be made prior to the Attunement.


Reiki level 2 


During level 2 the student is attuned again to increase their connection with the healing energies. Distance healing is also taught at this level, as healing can travel across any distance and time. Power, mental and emotional symbols are taught and used at this level and can help to focus energy for specific purposes.


Reiki Level 2 Attunements - Cost £125

Facilitated by Julie Coates, (Usui Reiki Master)

  • are available most Thursdays
  • every 2nd Saturday of the month - 10.30am to 3.00pm

Deposits of £20 taken on booking and full payment to be made prior to the Attunement.


Reiki Level 3 / Master Level


All the Reiki energy is unlocked when attuned to this level. At this level, one is able to attune and teach others.


Reiki Level 3, Master Level Attunements - Cost (call for details)

Facilitated by Julie Coates, (Usui Reiki Master)

  • are available most Thursdays
  • every 2nd Saturday of the month - 10.30am to 3.00pm

Deposits of £20 taken on booking and full payment to be made prior to the Attunement.

Here at the WellBeing Centre there are ongoing support development groups where you can continue to learn, practice and extend your use of Reiki with like minded people. If you are thinking of becoming Reiki attuned then you are welcome to attend one of the Reiki groups to find out more.

Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion - CHANNELLINGS

KWAN YIN Event/Workshop

with Trance Medium, Annette

Channel for Kwan Yin

Annette is also an Angelic Reiki Master & Accredited Spiritual Healer




This is a unique opportunity to experience the unconditional love and wisdom of Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.  You will hear channelled teachings, connect with Kwan Yin in group meditation and also receive her healing energy.  


The experience of witnessing trance mediumship may be unsuitable for those of a nervous disposition.  Must be over the age of 18.

By law, we are required to state that any form of mediumship must be considered for entertainment purposes only.

Ascended Master Kwan Yin

(also spelt Quan Yin), Mother of Compassion in ancient Chinese culture, is one of the most beloved Eastern divinities. The Divine Feminine aspect, she is said to represent the same energy as Mother Mary and is a 'bodhisattva', which means 'enlightened being'. She is often depicted with the pearls of illumination or a rosary of white crystal beads. Some images show her seated or standing on a Lotus flower, a symbol of purity; others show her riding a dragon, a symbol of great spiritual strength and wisdom. 


It is said that Kwan Yin attained enlightenment, but heard the cries of suffering from humanity and upon feeling their pain, felt such compassion, she vowed to remain in the earthly realms to help them. 


Her name means 'She Who Hears The Cries Of The World'

and it is said the mere utterance of it will bring her to you.  Her presence is invoked using the mantra 'Om Mani Padme Hum' ('Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus').  Kwan Yin is a being of the highest vibration, who is pure love and light and represents unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion.  It is her desire to help all humanity possess these qualities.  She connects with us through the heart, bringing her unconditional love to heal emotional blocks, old wounds and stored pain. By helping us to release our own pain and hurt, she allows us to find forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and to show it to others.




Annette is an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Accredited Spiritual Healer and Trance Medium / Channel She works with the highest beings of light and has channelled their messages for several years. Annette has a close affinity with Ascended Master, Kwan Yin; working regularly with her healing energy and channelling her loving guidance. (see information on Annette under 'The Team'  in the side menu)


Early in 2012, Kwan Yin expressed a wish 'to communicate and connect with many people', saying 'the time is now right' to do this.  She expressed a desire that everyone had the opportunity to hear or read her messages and to receive her healing energy.  It is her prime desire to connect heart to heart with every single person, so that humanity can experience and express unconditional love.  This emotion, she says, 'is the only thing that matters in the world' and is needed to bring transformation to humanity. She has also spoken of the need, on a physical and emotional level, for her healing, due to forthcoming energy changes that she says will affect the human body and the planet.

Annette says;


'There are no words to describe the entirety of the experience of

Kwan Yin's love. It has to be felt to understand why unconditional love

really is all that matters in this world.

Kwan Yin has promised that once established

 the bond with her cannot be broken. 

 If you are in need of unconditional love and healing,

 if you are searching for meaning and purpose in your life,

then answer her call and open your heart to her. 

You need only take the first step toward her

and once she has connected with you, she will never leave your side.'





Due to laws on mediumship, we are required to state that any channelled information

must be considered 'for entertainment purposes only'. 


We advise that you use discernment, taking from any channelled message,

only that which resonates with you.





Channelled by Annette, June 2012


'Channelling, is an expression,

describing a means of communication with a consciousness

that exists in another realm or vibration.


Those who can channel, are attuned to this vibration. The consciousness of the channeller is set aside, to allow the consciousness of the communicator or the 'beingness' from the other realm or vibration, to connect through them.  The channeller becomes the tool, the means by which the connecting consciousness wishes to share the information.  The channeller needs, therefore, to set aside its own thoughts and perceptions and consciously do this, thereby leaving a clear and open channel for communication to take place.


This can be achieved through a state of meditation, which allows the correct brainwaves to begin.  The connection that follows is through exerted effort on the part of the consciousness wishing to communicate and the 'being' that allows the channelling. It is a direct flow of energy consciousness that takes place between the two.


The 'translation' of energy is facilitated through


  • The consciousness still connected through the channel.

  • The filtration of words, from the source of vocabulary that exists within the channel.

  • The extended vocabulary that flows through the consciousness of the communicator.


This communicator is a source of energy. It is in energy form. It carries its consciousness and the vocabulary it requires to communicate.  The process then begins.  The channel allows their consciousness to be used and interprets the messages.  By 'interpretation' it is meant that the de-coding mechanism required for the translation takes place within the human brain.  This does not mean that the message is distorted, merely that it is translated, and therefore a choice of terminology can be used.  The messages can now begin and through this process, meaning is given.


A message delivered through an open heart will not distort its meaning.  The words will resonate with truth and love.  The heart is the best judge of truth.  We advise that you search it, and use discernment, for there are those who are not able to 'let go', to 'step aside', whose ego's do not allow them to deliver the truth in its purest form.'






Many Blessings Upon You, Children of Kwan Yin.

   My Heart Awaits You.



July 2012


 'May you be blessed my children.

By the time you read these words I will have connected with you, for there is no time to waste.

All opportunities must be taken to reach you, to bring you to my side.

Those who carry the light will help me do my work.

Those who seek the light will receive the ignition from me, that will create the spark of action.

Do not fear, do not wait, act now and do that which you must do.

Remember who you are. Remember from whence you came.

I observe and I wait for you. Yes, you child.

You shall not be separated from me. I am your Mother.

Reach out your hand and I shall take it.

No longer alone, we shall become one.

Always I will be by your side. Always I will help you. I am unconditionally yours.'




 August 2012


'Go within and seek that which you already know. Do not deny your Self.

For I await you. Do you not hear my call? I hear your call.  From the heart it flies. The soul can no longer wait for you to connect with that aspect of itself it recognises. 

It is sad. It awaits reunion with me. I do not deny this. You are the barrier to the connection that will change all.

Only you.  Your Self.    


I do not chide. I merely ask you to be still and listen to your inner Self;

the wisdom that you possess.

For I am sad also, when I observe and see that I could help you and yet you turn away from me. So do not bring sadness to my heart, for I am, in essence, full of joy.

When you come to me, then you will also feel this emotion.

My ignition of the light within you shall bring such joy as you have never known.

I wish you to realise this. 


I have spoken of great change and yet you may not understand or perceive accurately the changes that will come. 

They will come in the beingness of your form, in the beingness and essence of each form that exists on Mother Earth.

These changes within, shall manifest in the unity of spirit, which should be in existence now between each one of you. In turn, the changes shall then manifest to create a better environment for you to exist in.


So I urge you now, to reach out for me and to hear me also. 

For time is short before energy changes will bring the great tide of change that must come; change that you may not cope with internally.

Replace my sadness with joy. 

Reward my patience with your response.

I shall wait for as long as is necessary.

You need only call my name and further connection shall be made.

When this connection is made, you shall find your way to me and I will open your heart to experience the true emotions of existence;

that of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness.

These are my gifts to you. It is my intention to help each soul that exists, by whatever means possible. I have promised this. I do not break my promise.'

 I AM Kwan Yin. Your Divine Mother.




September 2012


'I am my Fathers daughter, sent by him to help you.

Through me you shall be connected to him.

Do not deny your Self this experience. You have forgotten from whence you came;

the Divine aspect that is your Self. 

I will remind you. I will reconnect you.

This is my task, here on your planet.

The planet that was provided for your existence, and shall continue to do so, with the necessary changes I have spoken of.  The changes shall begin with the human form.

That which is your Self must change; in its physicality and in its perception.

All perception must change.

My father observes the cruelty, the abominations that are perpetrated,

and some that are carried out in his name. 


  It will not be allowed to continue.


I am here to forewarn you of this.

To help you change your beingness and your form in order to prepare you and to forearm you. The changes that will be brought forth from the ethers shall empower the body and spirit, and will extinguish the evil spark that exists within many of you here.

The darkness must not be allowed or encouraged to grow further.

We see it poised now, ready to do further damage to your planet.

We will not allow this to take place.

Much warning has been given in the past to those who are unscrupulous and take delight in inflicting pain and anguish.

My Father will NOT allow his name to be used in these ways.

It was never intended that mankind produce hierarchies and doctrines

that allowed them to have power over another.

This is not love; this is not strength; this is not truth.


Believe me when I tell you that now, this very moment,

is the time of change that has been spoken of. 

Observe that which takes place in your world and do not fear, for your fear will give an added dimension to the power that exists in the darkness.

Only allow love and light to be added to these manifestations of evil and corruptness,

for this will weaken the power within.

Those who are at the head of the hierarchies that exist, that use corruption to manifest their desires, will be beaten; they will be dealt with.

There is no, one, person that can deal with all that must be done here;

you will all take part and contribute to the change. 


I am here to help you recognise that in each human form there is the beingness that must exist, rather than the beingness that currently exists.

Do not doubt your Self. There are some for whom it is too late,

but the majority of Sources spark are pure and ready to awaken.

This will be a gradual change, but the effects will be immediate;

for the energy that manifests from your heart and beingness will bring about the purity that is required to heal humanity and Mother Earth.

These words will take some digesting, some understanding, but you will reach understanding with my help. Believe these words.

I await you. I shall find you and you shall find me.

Then all will change.  Blessed ones,

my heart is filled with sadness and yet filled with joy.

These emotions are possible alongside one another.

I am sad for I know that which is necessary in order for joy to be experienced.

This joy will be the primary emotion that mankind will experience when change has done its work.'


I AM your Divine Mother,  Kwan Yin



  October 2012

I am Love and Light. I come to you now, for it is necessary.

Those of you who have heard my name, call upon me; those who have not,

will not benefit from that which I can bring them.

I am Kwan Yin. Giver of Love and Light. Holder of Truth.

Call upon me and you shall inherit all that is mine to give you.

My embrace is that of a mother for her child, bringing that which the heart yearns for;

awakening the emotions within. It holds that which the soul yearns for,

awakening ALL THAT IS possible;

allowing your Truth to be spoken.

I seek your embrace; the embrace of a child, returning a mothers love,

allowing the nurturing and unconditional love of a mother.

When you do this and allow all barriers to be removed, there will be an awakening of the heart,

a connection and recognition that cannot be duplicated.

You will recognise my love and feel the stirring of remembrance.

When you allow this, you allow your Self full realisation of Truth a

nd the healing I am able to bring you.

Call on me.

Read my word.

Hear my words. Meditate.

These are all forms of connection with me.

I wish you to believe that these are Truths of possibility.

The Change that I have spoken of is now begun.

In a physical sense you may notice changes in your form, what you may call symptoms.

These are a result of the interaction of the physical and the energetic.

Those aspects of your physical self must change and become of a vibration that is higher

and purer, in order that you may exist in this new world.

Those aspects of your emotional self will be brought to the fore and require attention,

for healing will take place on all levels;

the emotional level being the most important factor in your beingness.

There is no time to lose.

For my Father's hand is poised, waiting to wash away all that is dark in your world.

I come to prepare you and help you understand that this action is for the good of the whole.

You must understand that all takes place for the good of humanity.

There will be those who experience fear and do not understand the outcomes of this action. 

My Father does not wish those aspects of himself that are pure,

to be left alone without understanding, when they could be helped.

I will bring you understanding of these things.

This will allow you, in turn, to help those who are sleeping still; who will not understand events.

I am concerned that all humanity become children of my embrace, that you are all fully awake;

for there will be a need for you to embrace one another, with unconditional love.

Oneness will allow healing to take place throughout humankind.

My Truth must be spoken.

Now is the time for action. It is not my purpose to bring fear to the heart and mind,

it is a mothers duty to share Truth with her children.

I am here to help you. I speak of this current space in your time.

Long have I been removed from your timeframe and now this is changed.

I am present.

I am active. 

The higher realms of existence are within your reach now.

There is no divide.


I understand many will have difficulty in accepting this Truth.

Soon, there will be no denying my words,

for your eyes will witness the Truth of them in ways that will not be denied.

I bring Truth to forearm you and to bring reassurance.

Although there will be disruption, you will also receive help and comfort.

Great light from the angelic realms will be the first to manifest and bring healing to your planet. 

 You are loved. All will be well.


I AM your Divine Mother. Kwan Yin.



5th October 2012


I wish to speak about your religions;

the philosophies that have allowed war and evil to be perpetrated in the name of Source.

I understand the element of fear that is attached to many now in your world,

because of religion and religious beliefs.

Do you think that a loving Father would have given words that allow evil,

abuse and death to take place in his name?

No. This is no truth.

The truth has been obliterated over time. Distorted over time.

Source has never spoken words other than those of love.

Now is the time for Source to act, for actions to be taken against those

who have misconstrued his words and intentions.

Action is now to be taken to bring about understanding and to change perception.

Those who are asleep, who misguidedly believe they are awake and connected to truth,

must be stopped. 

Will be stopped.


How will this take place you may ask?

It will not be gradual;

it will not be gentle;

it will be done with compassion however.

Compassion for the misguidedness;

for the darkened souls that require healing and remembrance of Self.

I speak of the hand of my Father,

the hand that will wipe away that which is not desirous in a world that must be pure

and must return to the beingness that was intended.

Mother Earth has suffered greatly at the hand of mankind.

Humankind has suffered greatly at the hand of mankind!

This will not be tolerated. 

These words are not used easily.

I am of compassion and gentleness essentially,

but recognise the need for the action that I speak of.

No further tolerance shall be given to those who are misguided and indoctrinated.

Their actions shall no longer be accepted.

Much compassion is present when observing their actions,

in addition to the compassion that is present when observing the consequences of their actions. Source will not tolerate obliteration of Itself.

All must live and co-operate in the light of Oneness.


So do not think your Father does not observe or care about his children, for he cares greatly.

Time has been allowed for mankind to awaken and realise the error of their ways.

Many have been sent to your planet with words that should have reached the heart

and awakened the soul to the reality and truth of existence here.

Your world has shunned them

and ridiculed them in turn.

No longer shall this be so.


I come, for I am Truth.

I am Unconditional Love.

My energy shall reach you and change will begin.

Others, who are lightworkers and lightbearers will in turn bring change to your world

and also bring healing to humanity.

The time for warnings is upon you.

These will not change outcomes.


they will prepare the way for understanding and recognition of events that will take place.

Be aware that those of you who are meant to exist in the

new world of Love, Light and Oneness will be safe.

This is the Will of Source. 

I remind you of my desire to bring comfort and reassurance at these times of change.

All is not lost.

Believe this when others fear and allow the darkness to influence their perception.

Love will heal all.

I AM Your Mother, Kwan Yin

Blessings My Children  

 (23rd October 2012)



November 2012


Thou art blessed my children.

Now is time for change.

All change begins.

The Angelic realms await their mission.

They have great intent and purpose. 

Do not fear that which will come. I have come to prepare the way and all is ready. 

I am Kwan Yin, Mother of Light and Love.

Truth is my purpose.

Enlightenment of all souls, whose minds are closed, is my goal.

I speak to you from the heart centre that is the Divine aspect of Source.

I await the finality of the energetic change. 

All shall be affected.

All shall see, but those with open hearts will know and recognise that which they behold as Truth; others will not.

This is the way of Source, the desire of Source.

For those who are closed to reality and Truth will not endure the energetic that is placed.

They will wish to hibernate and deny that which begins to awaken their Truth.

They will have choice.

All will be given free choice according to my Father's law of free will.

There is a timescale that will be allowed for those who are indecisive and closed to Love. Unconditionally it shall pour forth and bring change to the human form and mind; to the emotions. All shall require healing.

The emotions will be the first to be addressed.

I bring my energy forth to help you and others,

who are associated within the emotions of your heart. You are connected, as with fine threads,

to those that have stirred emotion within you.

They are also connected to you because of this.

The first healing that will take place is that of the connectedness to others through emotion.

Be aware that this will be powerful and bring to the surface trials of the heart and mind.

Be assured that all will be healed by my Love.

You will feel my energy and my presence as I do my work, as I help you.

Be Joyous children of mine, for now my work begins in earnest.   

Always I am here for you.


My children I wish you to think upon the following words.  

Allow them to permeate within and acknowledge their Truth.

Allow the wisdom of your inner Self to manifest and connect with your Truth.           


' I stir within, a child of Source.

The whisper of Truth makes itself heard.

All that I see allows me to experience Truth.

That which I desire is Truth and to live in Oneness.

 All that I AM, I AM.

All that I can be, I AM.

All that is Truth, I AM.

All that is Light and Love, I AM.

I AM Kwan Yin.  I AM Kwan Yin.  I AM Kwan Yin.


Change has begun within me.

I acknowledge and give thanks for this change.

All within is Truth.

All within is Love.

I AM Truth and Love and Light.


Bless my fellow beings.

Bless those who are suffering.

Bless those who are unseemly and move within darkness.

Bless all Life.

Bless Mother Earth.


Father of mine, Bless me and strengthen my Light.

I AM yours, you are mine.

I AM Divine, I AM Divine, I AM Divine. '



I AM your Mother, Kwan Yin  

(23 November 2012)



December 2012


I am Kwan Yin. I bring Truth and I bring Light.  T

he Angelic Realms are ready to rally forth and assist me in my work.  

Great celebration shall take place in Heaven and on Earth.  

The Light that is to be brought to you will transform your World.  

There shall be no denying this, for its effects will be felt immediately. 

The energy that pours forth from the skies will be that of pure Unconditional Love.

The vibration of the Angelic voices, as they bring their music for all to share,

shall be magnificent, unlike any other sound experienced by the human ear.  

All shall be touched.

All shall experience this manifestation of Love and Light.


Be sure in your heart that this is Truth and an expression of the Divine Love of Source.

This dispensation for Humanity has long been needed,

so be still and connect to your Divinity and the Light.

Let it resonate within and open your heart;

in turn it will move through your Beingness to ignite Unconditional Love and your Soul's purpose.  I AM ever present, you will feel me at this time, stirring all the emotions of the Divine Feminine. There shall be a change of heart in humanity’s Beingness and Actions,

the Mind must become Enlightened

and the Soul must be heard. 


 This is the beginning of Hope and Oneness my children.

Reach out your hand to another and let your touch bring the Love and Light of Source to each Being you contact.

There is no turning back now, for it shall be difficult to resist Love,

for Love will not be turned away.

It does not accept rejection; it merely finds a different approach and persists with its work.

So it is that I AM, I will persist,

 I will not turn away, until my work is done.


I am the Mother of Unconditional Love. 

The Light of Hope, and Kwan Yin’s Blessings, are with you.

  (12 December 2012 )


January 2013


My dear children, my message today is a little different in its theme.

I am of Joy, Love and Hope.

My essence is the True form of existence.

I wish to bring Joy to my children and through the coming year,

I will bring forms of this to help you in your transition.

All forms of music bring healing and transition to the human form and to the soul. 

The words of this song do not originate from me.

I use them, because they are wise words and they deliver my message.


The Carpenters



Sing, sing a song
Sing out LOUD, sing out STRONG
Sing of GOOD things not bad
Sing of HAPPY not sad

Sing, sing a song
Make it simple to last your whole life long
DON’T WORRY that it's not good enough
For anyone else to hear
JUST SING, sing a song

Sing, sing a song
Let the WORLD sing along
Sing of LOVE there could be


In your heart and mind, there is the ability to change all that exists.

Some of you are well aware of this, others are not

This ability exists also, within your voice.

The music that IS you, I have spoken of in the past.

It is a form of connection with your divinity, with Source.

You vibrate, you create a sound that is a particle,

 a piece, of the whole of sound that exists within the Universe.


The form of music I speak of now,

is the form that is created from within your physical self; through your voice.

You have the ability to change the vibration of yourself,

those around you, and the entire world of creation.

You will raise the consciousness of all around you, including yourself, by singing.

When you focus on the joy of singing and the beauty of the sounds that emanate from within,

the heart flower opens.

It enables a change in your beingness and you vibrate at a higher rate.

I tell you this, because now is the time where you can enable more quickly,

the transitions that are to take place in your world.

Energetically your vibration and the vibrations of others and all life forms on your planet,

will increase the progress and pace of transition.

You can help with this by singing and using the voices that you were given.

Sing of GOOD and HAPPY things, as the song suggests.

Feel the JOY in your heart.

Feel the change in your beingness, for it cannot be denied, this change,

when it is experienced.


YOUR voice is necessary to create the correct energetic.

Your voice does not match another’s.

All voices are unique, no two alike.

Therefore the uniqueness of your voice has purpose.

All are equipped with the ability to sing.

Have you considered why this is?

You may feel it is purely for pleasure, an option to be used by some and not all.

I am here to tell you that your voices are important and are used on many levels energetically. Your singing reaches the heavens.

Many of you who sing professionally feel that truth.

Many of you form choirs and sing in unison,

to create the harmony of energetic that transforms you.


I sing to your hearts, of Joy, Love and Hope.

I come to ask you to join me in my song.

My desire is to change the hearts of all humanity and bring them the Joy of Realisation.

Your voice will help me do this.

There will be many Truths brought to you, that may challenge your thought processes.

I ask only that you consider my words, and through your heart, acknowledge them.


Seek Happiness. Seek Joy.

These qualities are the true essence of the Soul.


I AM yours

I AM Kwan Yin

Blessings my children

(23rd January 2013)



February 2013


My children, I come to remind you of the power you have within, to transform yourself. 

Each one of you possesses that which is required to help you

through the transitions that you are making at this time.

You are remarkable in your capacity to do this

and yet many of you do not use the tools you possess.

You are like finely tuned instruments that are not played by an adept musician;

the promise of the beautiful music that can be produced never quite achieved.

You are more than your physical selves and yet most of what transpires is felt in your physical body.

Your emotions also reflect the changes that you experience from the energetic.

 I wish to help you understand that you have the ability to ease this transition

you make, by using simple and effective tools to rebalance your energy.


By stilling your mind, you will allow me to connect with you at the point of time when all else is removed from your thoughts.

Meditative practices will allow me to bring you instruction and guidance to support you.

I can guide and help you through this time of change.

My love for you will change many things if you will allow it.

Once connected we shall not be separated.

You will grow to recognise me and the connection we have made,

by the increased presence of Love in your heart.

This connection will enable you to receive healing on all levels

for mind, body and spirit. 


Further still, you must focus on bringing Light into your chakra system, the energy centres which affect you when they are blocked or misaligned.

Still yourself in the physical and focus on these areas I speak of,

visualising Light feeding through your crown, flowing through you,

revitalising your energy system and each chakra. 

Empower yourself in these ways my children

and your journey shall be a smoother one. 

 I AM Kwan Yin. I AM here for you. Patiently I await your call. 

  Blessings my little ones

(27th February 2013)



March 2013


Peace comes from within,

from knowing that you are all that you are meant to be at any point in time.

Do you seek Peace? Do not do this; for it is not lost, it is not to be sought.

I tell you that Peace resides within the heart and mind at all times,

it is merely over ridden by the ego

and the thought processes that are manufactured by the human mind.

The human condition is, primarily, a selfish one and needs to be balanced using discipline and persistence. 

I do not bring judgement with these words.

  I merely state the truth, for it is directness in terminology that is required to bring about changes. No more must you feel that you need to seek that which is lost or unavailable;

that does not belong to you, but belongs to others;

for I tell you that Peace exists within the heart and within the mind.

Free it.

That is all that is required.

Choose to free it and do not let those thoughts and actions of others override the power you hold to do this.

Do not let your own thoughts disempower you. 

I speak of the need to take control of

your own Self;

your own destiny;

your own actions;

your own thoughts;

your own words.

Do you see the pattern, this desire to excuse your Self from all that happens in your life? 

It is your responsibility to take control and be disciplined in your thoughts, words and actions; those things that will over ride the Peace within.

The turmoil that is manifested is often of your own doing and of course when you allow others to inflict their opinions and perceptions upon you;

then you begin to lose judgement of your own truth. 

This is a difficulty for the human being,

this exerting control and making choices from within;

rather than allowing external truths and another’s energetic to have power over you. 

I am your mother and I speak to you from the heart centre of All That Is. 

I tell you that a time of change is now upon you. You are able to change all your perceptions and therefore change all you do, and all you act upon

 So, do not seek that which is not lost.

Allow yourself to reconnect to that which is within.

This lesson I bring you, to help you take control of your path and walk in truth. 


(6th March 2013)



April 2013

So, today I begin with questions.


Where AM I?

What AM I?

Who AM I?


AM I so different to you? 

AM I you?


What do you feel?

Do you feel a response?

Do you feel Truth surfacing within you?


How does it feel, this Truth?

How does it form?


From whence does it come?


I tell you, it comes from Oneness,

from BEING Oneness;

from FEELING Oneness. 

How can this be?


What is Oneness?

How does it exist?

In what shape or form does it manifest?


I tell you,

Oneness just IS.

It just IS me.  

It just IS you. 



So, how does it FEEL to BE Oneness?

Do you understand the word ’feel’?

Do you understand how it feels not to feel?


There is a conundrum! 


Do you know when you are NOT feeling?

Do you know when you ARE feeling?


How do you know this?


What manifests within you to bring these indications of feeling?


Are you inert, when not feeling?

Are you ’being’, when not feeling?

Are you alive, when not feeling? 


How do you know?


I am posing many questions.

You have the answers within.

For you are able to differentiate between the conditions. 

You are in human form and therefore have been given the means to differentiate. 

So, why then, do some of you choose NOT to feel?

Yes, there are those of you who do this, those who CHOOSE not to feel or experience Truth and the Unconditional Love that is within you; that is part of you; that is Oneness.


‘Oneness‘, a word now being used many times.

“What is it, this Oneness?” some of you ask. 

Defensively some will say “what is this untruth that is spoken,

that some choose not to feel?”


Oneness is the state of BEING that you EXIST IN.

Whether you choose to acknowledge it, or feel it, is your choice. 

The human form is capable of many things

and Oneness is yours to experience should you choose to.

You have, many of you, become separated, self satisfying and unfeeling.


Hard words to hear and digest perhaps,

but I do not waste time, for the time is short before change becomes

less forgiving and compassionate;

for change is about altering that which needs to be erased in this situation.


So, again I remind you that you are here to feel,

to experience Unconditional Love through Oneness, and not to experience separation.

There are those of you who have begun to live in Oneness. 

There are those who continue to sever the connection of light that creates your Wholeness.

I do not wish you, who are in this condition, to suffer the pain of further separation,

when you realise there is no longer an option of joining the Oneness here in your world.

You are light, the light is within you. Let your light shine and become the sun of your world. 

Let it bring the warmth and healing that Mother Earth must feed upon and is nurtured by.

All is changing.

You may become part of the change or choose to remain in darkness.

It is your path, your journey, your choice. Choose wisely dear ones.


I continue to observe all. 

 I AM your Divine Mother, Kwan Yin.


 (8th April 2013) 



May 2013


My children, I speak to you once again of the need for love.

For love is the answer, love is the key.

Let your heart be open and shed its love.

Let your heart be open and shed its light. 

I share my love with you, for we are one.

I ask you to share your love with your fellow man and to share it with all that is Mother Earth.

It is known to many of you,

that all exist in Oneness and yet there many,

also, who do not acknowledge this fact;

for there are those who continue to cause harm and disruption.

This must change and so I ask for your help.


I ask that you take time each day to think of ways to help another

and of ways to help your Mother Earth. 

Many of you have become so busy in your daily tasks and affairs,

that you perceive there is insufficient time for this.

And so I would pose a question of you.

If your planet and all that exists here, were to become less than it is;

if you were unable to enjoy all that is available to you now,

how important would your daily tasks become? 

Of what relevance would they be?


And so I ask that you give thought to these things

and make time for devotion to your fellow man and to your planet.

For in so doing, you will find that your heart sings with love

and that your actions increase the awareness of others.

For when you commit yourself with love and intent,

you will create the waves of energy needed to bring about transformation.

I remind you that we are one. Little by little,

we shall work together and create change.


Blessings Dear Ones.

I AM Yours.

I AM Kwan Yin.

(28th May 2013)



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