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Meditation into Relaxation

The Daily Telegraph


Reported that “after meditation training of 20 minutes once a day for only five days, people, had measurably less anxiety and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol”. The papers said that levels of anxiety, depression, anger, and fatigue had also gone down.


The stories are based on a study comparing meditative practice (using integrative body-mind training) with relaxation training, in 80 Chinese students. The newspapers have reported accurately the positive outcomes of the research.

Spiritual Healing

Daily Mail

Could Spiritual Healing actually work? by Dr Danny Penman

Once dismissed as hokum, new evidence is forcing doctors to accept the power of spiritual healing. Click here to see why the laying on of hands may not be quackery after all:

The Express


'We can see the dead'

Richard Cuthbert


The below article link includes Richard Cuthbert who regularly works from The WellBeing Centre doing workshops, Clairvoyance Evenings and readings, etc.



Work Place Stress

Daily Mirror


Article: 'Download your stress'


The WellBeing Centre provides a service for Managers/Self Employed/Company Directors called  'Download your Stress' One to One sessions with Qualified Counsellors. Contact the WellBeing Centre for further details.









Coastal View & Moor News



Advertisement Feature Article:

'We have something for everyone'



Coastal View & Moor News

July - August 2015

Issue 61




Advertisement Feature Article:

'Well Being for all'


Coastal View & Moor News

August - September 2015

Issue 62



Advertisement Feature Article:

'Lonelinesss is not just being alone'

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